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Karin & Ben


Portugal. 2013.
Karin & Ben had an amazing outdoor wedding in Portugal. A beautiful rustic vineyard with rolling hills and beautiful weather. An amazing venue and beautiful couple made my job very easy, just documenting amazing moments that continued to unfold before my eyes. We went for a walk to make some portraits and ended up in the vineyard, Ben is an amazing photographer himself and it added another dimension photographing another photographers wedding!

Karin & Ben emailed me after the wedding:

We are very grateful for having had Ed as our wedding photographer. As he does in his powerful documentary work, he used his uncanny talent to capture the unexpected, often quirky moments. As photographers, we appreciate how he combines great compositions and light with natural moments and often humour. It is probably also his extensive experience and passion for documentary photography giving his wedding photography the feel of a photo-essay.

Wedding Details


Date : Summer 2013